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This Page will contain a brief description of the subject matter for each week.  There may be links to instructional videos and some PDF downloads as well.

Art - In the Beginning
Week 1  Sept. 15, 2017

Today we begin the new school year by exploring  the caves of Lascaux France where the earliest forms of art were found.  We will investigate how these drawings were made and try to figure out why.  Were they drawing for fun?  Or was there another reason.  We will also try our hand at drawing the way they did.  Drawing materials will be provided.

The link to the document is: Homeschool Arts Classes.pdf
*These can be bought(Walmart, Dollar Store), or could be take out food containers

Art - the caves continued
Week 2  Sept 22., 2017

Today we will create a cave drawing.  Students will draw on large pieces of paper to create a mural and try to draw what they see outside their homes.  What will it be?  A neighbors cat, a mail truck?  Early man drew on the walls that which they feared and what they interacted with on a daily basis.  We will discover what impression is made by the environment of each student.    Materials will be provided.  Students must bring a flashlight with them.p
Please note:  Today we will be separating the elementary students from the High school students.  

The Ancients. 
Week 3  Sept. 29, 2017

The Essence of Line
Drawing at its most basic and simplest forms
Students will need their sketchbooks and pencils.

The Ancients. 
Week 4  Oct. 6, 2017

Beyond the Nile 
Week 5  Oct. 13, 2017

As we go deeper into Africa we begin to meet ather civilizations and tribes.  Since modern civilization had not infiltrated deeper into the regions of central Africa many tribes were more primitive.  The peoples of Central Africa have a rich cultural heritage.  The land is also the home for a wide variety of wildlife.  Elephants, lions, hyenas, wildebeasts roam the endless grasslands.  The Serengeti  is a vast region with numerous species of wildlife.  As late as 1813 most of Africa was unexplored.

In the 1870's  Africa was still an undiscovered land.  Few white men ventured into the disease infested jungles.  David Livingstone explored much of the central area discovering many unknown bodies of water including the majestic Victoria Falls.  He was appalled by the brutality he witnessed as European and Arabic nations collected the local population to be sold as slaves.  The peoples of Africa have a rich culture.  Their art can be seen in their ceremonial masks.

Our next project will be to design and build a ceremonial mask in the tradition of the peoples of Africa.

Here is the Powerpoint I was going to use this week.  Please look through it and start designing your masks.


The Dark Continent 
Week 6  Oct. 20, 2017

We will learn of new drawing techniques and learn about etching and drawing with ink.   We will not do any etching but we will use etching techniques. 

The following Youtube videos  wil help these lessons.

Drawing Techniques video

Drawing Techniques
Old pictures, new ways 
Week 7  Nov 3, 2017

Primarily a sculptor he remains one of the great artists of all time.
Fresco Painting
Most painting during this time period was done on walls on churches and public buildings to educate a public that had a high illiteracy rate.  This is wat the Sistine Chapel looked like before it was painted.
The Artist in Society  January 3,  2018
A Detail from the Ceiling
In 2018 we will begin to look at individual artists and how they developed and their impact in their during their times. 

Click here for the powerpoint Presentation

The Powerpoint has the video imbedded and the link is below.


This is a detail of one of the figures on the chapel ceiling.