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High School

This Page will contain a brief description of the subject matter for each week.  There may be links to instructional videos and some PDF downloads as well.

Art - In the Beginning
Week 1  Sept. 15, 2017

Today we begin the new school year by exploring  the caves of Lascaux France where the earliest forms of art were found.  We will investigate how these drawings were made and try to figure out why.  Were they drawing for fun?  Or was there another reason.  We will also try our hand at drawing the way they did.  Drawing materials will be provided.

The link to the document is: Homeschool Arts Classes.pdf
*These can be bought(Walmart, Dollar Store), or could be take out food containers

The Ancients. 
Week 3  Sept. 29, 2017

The Essence of Line
Drawing at its most basic and simplest forms
Students will need their sketchbooks and pencils.

We will learn of new drawing techniques and learn about etching and drawing with ink.   We will not do any etching but we will use etching techniques. 

The following Youtube videos  wil help these lessons.

Drawing Techniques video

Drawing Techniques
Old pictures, new ways 
Week 7  Nov 3, 2017

We will continue to learn new drawing techniques and learn using layers of lines(marks) to create subtle variations in shape and textures.   This week we will learn stippling.
The following Youtube videos wil help these lessons.

Drawing Techniques video

Homework:  practice drawing at home two objects from your house( choose something simple)   Draw one using hatching the other using cross hatching.    Draw both using one page of your sketchbook divided in half vertically.  Take your time.  Due on Friday Nov. 10

Making Marks
Telling your Story, Your way. 
Week 8  Nov 10, 2017

We will learn about Chinese brushwork and painting
The following Youtube videos wil help these lessons.
We will learn to make simple marks to create big statements.

The images on the left and middle are linked to tutorials which should be watched before class.

The Art of China
Expressive Brushwork 
Week 9  Nov 17, 2017