Thursday Mornings with our Savior

We are a group of men from Behany Church Raymond NH dedicated to learning and growing in our FAITH and WALK with our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  We meet Thursday mornings at the LONGBRANCH Restaurant at 5:45 am. 
We welcome anyone who would like to join us!
The Shipwreck
 The men on the ship all survive the shipwreck despite the total wreck of the ship.  Click here to read about the archaeological discoveries concerning the wreck and the discovery of the actual site of the wreck.

It Had to Happen
Watch the dynamic sermon delivered by Steve Furtick about the shipwreck and dealing with the storms of our lives.  Click here.
Acts of the Apostles
Chapter 27  Paul's Shipwreck
In this chapter Luke recounts the journey of Paul as he travels by ship to Rome.  Despite Paul's warning the ship sets sail and runs into a ferocious storm.  The LORD uses this event to allow Paul to proclaim the Gospel to the men on the ship and people of Malta.  The key factors in this chapter are the shipwreck, the miraculous survival of all on the ship.  Paul surviving the snake and the healing of the father of Publius.  among many others.